Kevin Foley, Bash & Pop bassist, passes away at 52

Funeral services are being held today for Hopkins native Kevin Foley, who passed away in his sleep last Thursday for unknown reasons.

Foley was the bass player in local bands Swingset, Routine 11, and Bash & Pop, which was formed by his brother and one-time Replacements replacement drummer, Steve Foley, with the 'Mats' Tommy Stinson and guitarist Steve Brantseg.

As noted by Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune, Bash & Pop's first and only album, 1993's Friday Night is Killing Me, has long been a cult favorite amongst local music fans.

Foley's death comes just two years after the sudden loss of his brother Steve, who died of an "apparent accidental drug overdose" in August of 2008 at the age of 49.

Here's Kevin Foley on stage with Curtiss A at his annual Tribute to John Lennon in December 2008, singing "In My Life" with Curtiss and his Bash & Pop bandmate Brantseg in honor of his brother Steve:

A visitation and memorial service is being held for Kevin Foley tonight in Hopkins; see the family's obituary for more information.

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