Kevin Costner plays the Guthrie: Can you separate his music from his movies?

It's nearly impossible to listen to Kevin Costner and Modern West's recordings and separate the music from the man. We take that back - it's not nearly impossible, it is empirically, categorically, absolutely 100 percent no-can-do-no-Siree simply not possible. Not gonna happen. Sorry.

Is this a bad thing? Maybe. For a guy who takes any project he tackles from Field of Dreams (score!) to Dances With Wolves (groan...) to Waterworld (shoot me) deadly serious, it's probably not ideal that when country music aficionados hear about Costner's side project, they're inevitably gonna scoff. Even if the band's fourth release Famous For Killing Each Other - yes, they've had four, the second of which was only released in Europe, and they are "big in Japan" -- is about the Hatfields and McCoys, an admittedly kick-ass concept album.

Is this inability to separate the music from the man maybe a good thing? Oh, most likely. It's gonna guarantee the side project a crowd no matter where they go, something that can't be said for just any burgeoning country-rock band. Local music (and film and baseball and Whitney Houston) fans can judge for themselves when Kevin Costner and Modern West swing through town to play the Guthrie tonight (7:30, $37).

We will say this - the band's definitely not bad. Way better than, say, Dogstar.

What else to expect at the Guthrie show? Oh, we think it's safe to say we can expect cougars. Lots of cougars, and not the kind that prowl the Black Hills above Costner's Deadwood, South Dakota casino and restaurant, but rather, those who prowl the bars and slot machines and dance floors therein. And will those ladies be looking for a good ol' country show, or come expecting to re-imagine all the steamy love scenes that made the man famous?

Bull Durham

Dances With Wolves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

The Bodyguard

365 degrees of Costner make-out action: Is this heaven?

No, ladies. It's the Guthrie. Keep your panties off the stage.

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