Kesha clowns Owl City while the world softly sighs

Kesha clowns Owl City while the world softly sighs

Have you ever sat alone, either at your computer or poring over some grey daily, slowly digesting, and when you're almost done with the article you pull your glasses off thespian style, nibbling on the temple tip, mulling over all the wrongs of the world? How bad things happen to good people, how so totally fucked polar bears are, how women make less money, how we all float like dust motes whilst love flutters just out of our grasp; if only they'd take the time to get to know us...maybe setting it ablaze wouldn't be so bad after all...

No, torching the whole goddamn deal to hell is not the answer, and it's something we all come to realize around age 18 after the Cro-Mags have worked their way through our limbics. It's just not practical. That said, an expertly contained incendiary device targeted at this stage at this precise moment would at least have left us with a slightly happier, more high-quality spaceship to call home.

What you see hear [sic] is hometown barrel-scraping appropriator Owl City being unknowingly mocked by fuck-you-I-party girl Kesha (fuck you and your "$") and friends on stage at some concert with thousands of foam-flecked tween mouths screaming bloody, bloody murder because it's really happening.

Know what else really happened? Some loser mashed up their two terrible songs into one super crazy terrible song. I would kill for a New Yorker right now.

If you're a self-flagellant feel free to stream the atrocity over on the Above the Fold site.

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