Kenny Chesney is the only musician worthy of Target Field, apparently

Kenny Chesney on his first visit to Target Field in July. Another's on the way...
Kenny Chesney on his first visit to Target Field in July. Another's on the way...
Photo by Tony Nelson

It is with a cringe that we announce that Kenny Chesney will return to Target Field for a performance next summer. Although the country star was not Gimme Noise's favorite during this summer's stop on his Brothers of the Sun Tour -- also featuring Tim McGraw, Grace Potter and Jake Owen -- that's not the problem here.

For all of the live entertainment that exists in the world, we refuse to believe that Chesney is the only one who can fill a 40,000-capacity stadium in downtown Minneapolis. 

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Chesney returns as part of his "No Shoes Nation" tour with Zac Brown Band on Friday, July 12. Meanwhile, the Twins are on the road during this show. Last July, the Ches became the first headliner for the very first show Target Field ever hosted.

Gimme Noise endured most of the six-hour concert, ran into a member of the Pohlad family, and briefly flirted with the idea of purchasing a straw hat. (Actually, I didn't do the last thing.)

"We expect this to be another great concert at Target Field, a place on its way to becoming the best outdoor music venue in the region," Twins President Dave St. Peter said in a statement.

Okay now, let's not get ahead of ourselves, Mr. St. Peter. The best outdoor music venue in the region after one concert?! This was undeniably a successful show, and having a successful draw back just makes sense -- provided there are plans in the works to also set up more concerts with different performers!

We all remember how much of a bummer it was when Paul McCartney's potential show at Target Field got yanked, but it's time to think beyond that. A few obvious ideas for other massive outdoor attractions might go great in Target Field come to mind right away.

Warped Tour: Imagine how much ice cream you could sell at an event like this. True, you're dealing with a demographic that largely can't buy beer, but they've got no shortage of disposable income to drop on whatever else. And, since a lot of these folks can't drive, Light Rail accessibility is a huge plus.

Soundset: No hating on the effective Canterbury setup, obviously. But just imagine what it would be like to make hip-hop a stadium-sized commodity in Minnesota. What would probably hold this back would be the likely bloodbath when it came to pricing tickets -- and the car show wouldn't fit on the Target Field floor. Should there be a rap show at Target Field? The sooner the better.

Prince: Duh.

Tickets for Kenny Chesney go on sale December 7 at 10 a.m. here.

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