Keith Ellison actually isn't a bad blues guitarist

Keith Ellison actually isn't a bad blues guitarist

No one should be too shocked that Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison needs a hobby to unwind. With all of the injustice in his community and the world at large, some bluesy strumming on a classical guitar helps a guy beloved by local musicians like Brother Ali and Soul Asylum stay calm.

During an interview with NowThis News, Ellison whipped out his axe and began riffing on the blues standard "It's A Low Down Dirty Shame" and even got the interviewer to sing along to the refrain. Perhaps we'll never know if he was referring to Michele Bachmann's views on same-sex marriage, or Sean Hannity, or Apple, but the instrument sure seemed to cheer him up.

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"It's kind of like my spongeball," he says of the guitar, squeezing the air. "I just sit around and play it. Sometimes I play it at a staff meeting. The staff act like I'm not even playing it."

Now that the secret's out, you can bet that there will be some requests for him to take this little act on the road. He's like the anti-Bob Roberts.

Bonus: Here's a vintage version of "A Low Down Dirty Shame."

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