Keillor suppresses "Prairie Ho Companion" T-shirts

class=img_thumbleft>Attorneys for Garrison Keillor have sent a

cease and desist letter

to the local blog "It has come to our attention that you are marketing T-shirts bearing the words, 'A Prairie Ho Companion,'" the letter says. "We believe that your use of these words creates a likelihood that the public will be confused as to the sponsorship of the T-shirt and our client's services and products." Frankly, we didn't even remember the stupid


--now a rare and hot commodity--until MNSpeak's

Rex Sorgatz

told us about the August 29 communication (off the record) and recounted his responding phone call to Keillor's legal team, which MNSpeak now makes public: "This is going to make your client look extremely out of touch," Sorgatz says he told Keillor's lawyer. "I'll even write the headline for you: 'Liberal Comedian Sues Blogger.'" Can you say "ho ho ho" all the way to national media exposure?

UPDATE:This is not a Prairie Home Companion T-shirt

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