KDWB's Jingle Ball 2002 revisited

Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child

Last week, thousands flocked to the Xcel Energy Center to witness the 2012 incarnation of what's become one of Minneapolis' most dependable pop music traditions. This year's KDWB Jingle Ball, featuring Owl City, Train and Psy, not only filled concert-goers with holiday cheer but stood as a fun snapshot of the year's pop landscape.

It's interesting that, for a show that's become such a big deal, information on past Jingle Balls is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. While the show has historically acted as something of a pop music time capsule, once all the souvenir shirts are faded, future generations will have a challenging time deciphering which acts played each year! It is with tomorrow's music historians in mind that we at Gimme Noise would like to look back at the 2002 Jingle Ball lineup using the only resource we could find, a 2002 Blogspot Entry written in the early days of social media. It is with the post's author, Livvi'i, as our guide that we bring you to December 9, 2002 for a look back at KDWB's Jingle Ball 2002.

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Daniel Bedingfield - "Gotta Get Through This"

New Zealand-born singer Daniel Bedingfield -- whose sister Natasha "


" Bedingfield has since had better luck with U.S. audiences -- had a number one smash across the pond with 2001's "Gotta Get Through This." Like Robbie Williams before him, the next year his label attempted to recreate his success stateside. While "Gotta Get Through This" garnered him a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording, he never matched the success here that he had in the U.K.

What Livvi'i said: "I've seen better acts at a junior high talent show. You know it's bad when there's a DJ, Daniel (gyrating oddly), and a guitarist on a folding chair. I played a game on my cell phone during this time."

Cam'Ron - "Hey Ma"

Hot off the heels of "Oh Boy," one of Def Jam's biggest singles ever, Cam'Ron became one of the most important names in rap. Signed to Roc-A-Fella at the time, 2002 was quickly approaching the height of his pop culture ubiquity. Cam remained one of the biggest trend-setters of the decade and still pops up to kill a guest verse or help put new rap proteges on.

What Livvi'i said: "He came out with 3 friends, we're still not sure which one was Cam. They tried to rap together, but it just didn't work, they seemed pretty high. My brother fell asleep during this."

O-Town - "I Showed Her"

The stars of ABC reality show "Making the Band," O-Town got off to quite the start with a series of successful radio singles and three seasons of television. Unfortunately, 2002 saw the O-Train begin to slow down as changing tastes and label delays caused their sophomore album


to be constantly pushed back and under-perform. The group disbanded the next year, all embarking on solo music careers before four of the members recorded a mini-reunion in 2011.

What Livvi'i said: "Cute little boy band. Good though. Good dancing, singing, guitar...and they actually had a band."

Craig David - "What's Your Flavor"

Another U.K. import, Craig David had one of the most successful entries into the American market in 2001 with hits like "Fill Me In" and "7 Days" making him a certified international superstar. November 2002 saw him release his sophomore album

Slicker Than Your Average

. While David would continue to be a worldwide force,


would be his final release in the U.S.

What Livvi'i said: "He was hot as fire. And his music was twice as good. He did all his fun techno songs with solely an amazing acoustic guitar. Amazing."

Destiny's Child - "Bootylicious (Remix)"

It's interesting that Destiny's Child headlined the 2002 Jingle Ball considering how they were really at a crossroads. An entire year removed from their


and Christmas albums, 2002 was the year the members embarked on solo endeavors. Michelle had her contemporary gospel solo debut, Kelly became the first member to have a number one solo single with "Dilemma," her duet with Nelly, and Beyonce had her first starring role in a feature film with

Austin Powers in Goldmember

. With 2003 slated to be the year Beyonce took off as a solo superstar, their Jingle Ball set might have been among the last of its kind before the group's members transitioned to their next level of pop stardom.

What Livvi'i said: "Great! They reconstructed the stage with all these mirrors and stuff, pretty cool. I was pretty amazed by their voices, just as I always am. But, poor Michelle. Kelly had two solo songs and Beyoncé had two as well. But little Michelle had none. Get a clue and get a #1 smash!"

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