Katy Perry's "Firework" used to promote legalizing bottle rockets in Minnesota

Minnesota Rep. John Kriesel may be retiring from the local Legislature, but he's trying to go out with a resounding bang. The Cottage Grove Republican has chosen an unlikely source for inspiration in his quest to legalize bottle rockets and certain more powerful fireworks in the state, and it's the motivational Katy Perry hit "Firework."

"Do you feel we are not as fun as other states?" he asked the representatives on Tuesday. And then laid into a lyric from the song: "You just gotta ignite, the light, and let it shine." A dozen of his colleagues followed suit and recited lines that might be taken a tad out of their original context.

Based upon a report from the Woodbury Bulletin, Kriesel did not, however, trigger any sparklers from his chest as he made these pleas.

The thrust of the legislation is to curb the common Minnesotan practice of hopping the border to Wisconsin or the Dakotas to get the big fireworks currently banned here. If passed, the measure would ideally keep more of those dollars spent in neighboring states here at home.

Although bottle rockets and certain other types of more powerful fireworks would be legal, this would not allow M-80s or cherry bombs. The bill is currently awaiting approval in another committee, and a similar one is awaiting a vote in the Senate.  

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