Katrina tra-la-la-la: Hip-hoppers rock you like a...

class=img_thumbleft>Forget Mos Def's silly, U2-bashing "Katrina Clap" and Skillbill's pointlessly politic "Blue Monday" , which are each as opportunistic as Legendary K.O.'s "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" without being nearly as funny (see below ), and are each as creatively helpless given the subject as Prince's "S.S.T." without being being nearly as pretty (click all the songs here to listen). The best new Katrina tracks are as urgent as a phone call to FEMA: Public Enemy 's spine-tingling, Nagin-sampling blast of angry righteousness "Hell No We Ain't Alright!" follows a plug for the next Million Man March with Flavor Flav promising, "We're sending trucks, we're sending boats, boxes, cans of soup, everything... Don't worry, y'all ain't by yourself." The various Dallas rappers on "Gulf Coast 5:45," meanwhile, offer an equally impassioned shoutout to Katrina victims, with an R&B melody starting (humanly enough) with the line, "I really don't know what to say." The lineup includes Christy B, O'Neal, TopCat, Mack Larry, and D-Texas of On a Mission Records . Now will somebody get a benefit CD together? Don't miss Davey D's hip-hop mix of Katrina sounds (thanks ). But what I'd really like to hear: These rappers sampling/collaborating with these brass bands . UPDATES: Comedian Boima Freeman has a Kayne/hurricane spoof of his own here . And has a Bounce For Relief CD you should own. Philadelphia's Hollowman and Nickels have their own New Orleans tribute song .

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