Kanye west to appear on American Idol as guest vocalist


Over and over, the recalcitrant Simon Cowell insists that American Idol is a singing competition, not a talent show.

Which makes some of the show's decisions for guest stars rather perplexing. J-Lo? Kenny Rogers? And now Kanye West? With all due respect to the stars in question, these are people known for talents beyond their feeble vocal ranges. Oh, let's be candid. Not a one of them could  their way out of a Karaoke bar on a weeknight.

Visionary as he may be, West's vocal abilities are a plate of overcooked noodles, so limp and bland that he had to hire a computer to help him through the four note affair that was his bizarre 808s and Heartbreak.

How will Cowell hold his tongue when West performs live on his show next Wednesday? Will West's trusty autotune software be on-hand? If not , will Cowl actually remain mute while West marauds his own material in his wizened tenor? Is cowl so intractable that he will shower hellfire on the ex-rapper? At the very least, it's a decent excuse to see a kind of performative bombing that rarely takes place this deep into the show's season.