Kanye West storms VMA stage, makes MTV pertinent for 15 seconds


By now you've probably not just seen the video, but heard it discussed on drive time talk radio. Was it staged? Was it a hoax? Was he drunk? Was he off his Celexa?

Anyway, allow us a couple sentences just to edify those under-rock dwellers who don't know: at the VMA awards over the weekend, Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video by storming the stage, wresting the mic from her, and announcing that Beyonce had, in fact, made one of the greatest music videos of all time.

He then left Swift in charge of the stage and exited to a mix of boos and ovation while poor Swift fiddled with her meaningless trinket before being swept from the stage by MTV handlers.

MTV's yanking embeddable clips of the fiasco, so enjoy this video of a cat drumming a baby's head and follow the link above.

At Gimme Noise, we love taking the wrong side of a shouting match. So we're gonna stick up for Kanye West and say that not only was he right, but we denounce this sentiment that Taylor Swift was somehow denied a birthright by having her acceptance speech stormed by the most unstable MC in the room.

Denied her moment? Taylor Swift is a gorgeous 20 year old millionaire who has been handsomely compensated for her modest talents. That her name will now be made synonymous with one of West's notorious temper tantrums doesn't deny her anything.

So West revealed himself to be a spoiled baby. At least he was acting on someone else's behalf this time around. And is anyone surprised by these antics anymore? A new Kanye flare-up is about as unexpected as a Three Stooges pratfall.

MTV gets a few million clicks, West gets his name in print, Swift gets an award, and we all get a YouTube video  to help pass four minutes of a hung over Monday. In our book, it's a wash.