Kanye West calls in Bon Iver: Hawaii 5-OMG

"I called [Vernon] and we ended up becoming like really good friends, playing basketball together everyday, and going into the back studio and just record his parts," West told Rolling Stone. "He's similar to me, like where he just does shit just so people would be like, 'Oh shit how did you do that? How did that happen?' He's just a really cool guy to be around."

According to a birdy and a confirmation from Rolling Stone, we've learned Kanye West has used Bon Iver's "Woods" for his next album, not titled Good Ass Job unless it is. After learning about Bon Iver from Ed Banger Records' head honcho Pedro Winter, West flew Mr. Vernon out to Hawaii for a studio visit, some hoops, bro shit. Say what you will (and you will) about guy's ego, but he treated "Diamonds" pretty well (even though that song's singer strongly disagreed).

Update: Bon Iver gave a lengthy Q&A to Pitchfork about working with Kanye, rolling j's with Rick Ross, and smelling like shit. Read here.

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