Kanye rejects Minneapolis man's $6,954 donation


Last week, we reported on the Minneapolis resident who, inspired by Kanye West’s request for replenishing his $53 million in debt, created a GoFundMe account called Get Kanye Out of Debt.

The pitch read thusly: "Kanye West, prolific entertainer/fashion icon/celebrity/member of the Kardashian family needs our help!"

Jeremy Piatt’s GoFundMe somehow raised $6,954 in just 10 days. And upon reaching out to West’s “camp” — whatever that means — Piatt says West refused the money, Forbes reported on Thursday. 

With the tragic turn of events, Piatt decided to give the funds to nonprofit group Notes for Notes instead. Notes for Notes builds and runs free-to-use recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs and after-school facilities, one of which is soon coming to Minneapolis, the nonprofit says.

If you're among the 800+ donors but have no interest in going the charitable route, you've got an out. "Please note that anyone who previously made a donation intended to go to Kanye West is able to request a refund," Piatt writes on the GoFundMe page.  

Piatt would have been better off just donating the money to ... anyone else in the first place, but that just wouldn’t have the same worthwhile effect of becoming the “Kanye West GoFundMe guy.” Good work, Jer!