Kanye penis pictures: Does West have a Brett Favre problem?

Hot on the heels of

Brett Favre's sext scandal

, Kanye West is facing his own penis pic problem.

Yesterday celebrity gossip site Radar Online reported that they'd seen two pictures--currently for sale--in which Yeezy displays his dong.

"These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace," says Radar's source.

West apparently sent pictures of his south pole to "a number of ladies" primarily on MySpace (really?). Radar gives the impression that any lady who asked nicely could expect a little present in her inbox.

Last month West released the song "Runaway" as part of his overwhelmingly successful GOOD Friday promotional gambit, the opening lyrics of which go, "She find pictures in my email / I sent this girl a picture of my dick."

Are we wrong in assuming that West doesn't really give a shit if these pictures go public?

  Brett Favre has long fostered an image of down-home humility, which made his grainy wiener shocking and damaging to his image.

Kanye has strange fantasies

West is a very different type of celebrity. His ascendancy from upstart Chicago producer to worldwide ubiquity can be measured in the embracing of ego; being breathtakingly insufferable is now his business as much as music.

So having some cock shots out there would be, if not par for the course, then at least not all that surprising.

Kanye has already been quoted on his desire to pose nude: "I definitely feel like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I'll pose naked."

The Favre File:

Listen for when NostraKanye forecasts his upcoming penis pic scandal in the first line:

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