Kanye breaks into cockpit to rap for MSP-to-NYC flight


Just a few short hours after elating fans in the Twin Cities with an intimate meet-and-greet and listening party, Kanye West decided to perform an impromptu show aboard his flight from Minneapolis to New York City.

[jump] "He couldn't decide if he wanted to do 'The Good Life' or 'Gold Digger,' so he was like, 'I'll just do a little bit of both,'" a passenger aboard the flight told Hollywood Life. "It was awesome... but I still have no idea how he got into the cockpit."

The passenger then went on to describe how Kanye sat in first class and boarded the plane with all the other passengers. You know, just like a real person.

Here's a brief video of Kanye's in-flight performance. Just how did he get into the cockpit, anyway?

UPDATE: Delta responds to Kanye West in-flight Rap

[Hat tip: The Onion's AV Club.]