Justin Vernon unveils the Shouting Matches debut, Grownass Man

Justin Vernon unveils the Shouting Matches debut, Grownass Man
Photo courtesy of the artist

Justin Vernon's Grammy-winning run with Bon Iver has pushed his other side projects and random guest appearances to the forefront. Whether he's recording with Kanye, the Flaming Lips, or P.O.S., Vernon's always seems to add an ethereal indie cache.

Now comes word that Vernon's long-simmering side-project the Shouting Matches, which he formed with Peter Wolf Crier's Brian Moen back in 2008 and now features Megafaun's Phil Cook, will finally release their awesomely titled debut album, Grownass Man, on iTunes tomorrow and in traditional record stores on April 16 via Middle West.

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Justin Vernon sings the blues in the Shouting Matches

And, to get everyone even more psyched for the long-awaited release from this blues-based, classic-rock leaning trio, NPR is now streaming Grownass Man in its entirety.

The laid-back vibe of the record is certainly a departure from Vernon's expansive, intricate recent work, with his recognizable falsetto only appearing briefly throughout the 35-minute album -- though Justin does continue his trend of affectionately naming songs after locations, with "Avery Hill" and "Gallup, NM."

These songs are instead charged by inventive but restrained guitar work on top of Moen's steadily inventive rhythms, coming across more as the spontaneous results of late-night jam sessions among talented friends (akin to the ramshackle appeal of The Basement Tapes in certain moments) than a polished, fully formed commercial record filled with pored-over ideas and highly developed musical themes.

The Shouting Matches have certainly picked the perfect, most opportune time to finally release Grownass Man, as the group has a high-profile upcoming performance at Coachella, along with a warm-up club show at Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown, California, this Thursday.

There are also rumors of a Minneapolis show in the Shouting Matches' future, set to take place at First Avenue on August 2. So, as we all keep our fingers crossed for that, give an advance listen to Grownass Man and start your week off right.

Here's the track listing and album art for the Shouting Matches' Grownass Man:

Justin Vernon unveils the Shouting Matches debut, Grownass Man

1. Avery Hill

2. Gallup, NM

3. Heaven Knows

4. Mother When?

5. Seven Sisters

6. Milkman

7. New Theme

8. Three Dollar Bill

9. I'll Be True

10. I Need A Change

Shouting Matches. $20-$22, 8 p.m. Friday, August 2, at First Avenue. Click here for more info.

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