Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on Kanye West


Quite a few revelations abound in this fascinating in-depth report on the vibe in Kanye West's Hawaii studio during the creation of his just-released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Seriously. We can't stop chuckling about the rules Ye tacked up on the studio walls, including "No Tweeting" and "No Hipster Hats."

But perhaps the most interesting segment for Midwest music fans is an interview with Justin Vernon, lead singer of Bon Iver, on his experience hanging at the studio with Kanye.

[jump] "I'm just a fuckin' lumberjack dude from Wisconsin," Vernon told the reporter from Complex. "I'm not going to go out there and try to be this awesome rap guy."

Dubbed an "indie-folk darling" by the magazine, Vernon contributed to six tracks on Twisted Fantasy and recorded parts for as many as 10 songs while in the studio with Kanye.

Another interesting tidbit? Kanye almost ended up in the Twin Cities for part of the recording session. "We were hearing through his camp that he may want to come out here to Minnesota and record some stuff with me," Vernon said. "He had a ticket booked and everything, but we had a bad snowstorm in Minneapolis so he couldn't come."

Too bad for us, but what a great opportunity for Vernon, whose already skyrocketing indie career with Bon Iver will now be shoved into the spotlight as media outlets pile up the praise for Twisted Fantasy.

An Eau Claire boy through and through, Vernon seems to have a pretty easygoing attitude about the whole ordeal.

"I'm just doing my job," he says.

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