Justin Timberlake beatboxes with Brother Ali

Those of us who follow Brother Ali on Twitter were greeted with a funny anecdote this morning: At his show last night in Jackson Hole, the local hip-hop powerhouse was stage crashed by a man who grabbed a mic and started beatboxing. Since he didn't recognize the mystery guest, Brother Ali swiftly grabbed the mic and continued on with his set, only to learn that the surprise beatboxer was none other than Justin Timberlake. Ali invited JT back to the stage for a beatboxing and freestyling jam, part of which was caught on tape below.

According to Mike at Midwest Broadcast, who was the first to pick up on this story, Rhymesayers has some higher-quality video footage of the performance available, and they have promised to post it as soon as possible. We'll add the additional video to this post once it's live.

Here's the story, as told by Brother Ali on Twitter:

Last night in Jackson Hole WY was fun. This dude jumped on stage and started beatboxing.Me being me, I snatched the mic from him and he got off stage. At the end of the song, BK tells me that was Justin Timberlake.I ran and grabbed him and he beatboxed while I freestyled for about 15 minutes. -sorry JT. Thanks for rockin with us.