Justin Bieber wakeboarded in Detroit Lakes and some girls were excited about it [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber's young fans were excited about seeing him use a towel to dry his face.

Justin Bieber's young fans were excited about seeing him use a towel to dry his face.

[Update: Bieber may or may not have spent Sunday boogieboarding on Lake Minnetonka.]

Three months ago, a rumor that Justin Bieber was buying a place on Lake Minnetonka to serve as a summer playground hit the internet. The story lasted for all of a matter of minutes before it was dispelled as a hoax.

On Friday, some Minnesotans got an inkling of what it'd be like if the story were actually true. 

In short: It would be pretty annoying. Think lots of squealing.

The divisive pop superstar was in the state to play the Target Center in Minneapolis Sunday night  (lamely, according to our reviewer). Before coming to the Twin Cities, he stopped off in Detroit Lakes, where, video evidence shows, he did some wakeboarding. 

With Bieber doing not a single sweet wakeboarding trick, or even wiping out, this video clip is pretty damn boring. Try telling that to the teeny-bopper girls who lined the beach and docks to catch a glimpse of Biebs.

There's  lot of squealing, and some hot-breathed "Oh, my God"s as the young ladies get an up-close look at this generation's biggest pop idol-gone-bad-boy. 

"I love you Justin!" a couple of the bolder ones scream. Others just sort of make little noises. 

As Bieber-in-the-Midwest sightings go, this one's probably inferior to the singer's time in the city of Fargo, where he played Saturday night. Bieber was spotted shooting hoops at a local gym and, on Friday night, had a couple drinks among locals at a Fargo dive bar. 

He can play basketball anywhere there's a gym, and dive bars aren't hard to come by. This Detroit Lakes thing is pretty Minnesota of him, and is as close as area Beliebers will get to Justin relocating here.

Maybe Bieber could adjust to the Minnesota way of life after all. The question is, would we be able to adjust to the Bieber way of life?