Justin Bieber says Amy Klobuchar should be 'locked up'

Justin Bieber says Amy Klobuchar should be 'locked up'
Photo via FreeBieber.org

First things first, can we all just take a moment and contemplate the fact that Justin Bieber and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar have a beef? How did this even happen?

Let's start from the beginning...

So Amy Klobuchar is proposing an anti-piracy bill that would make it a felony to post unlicensed content online 10 times in a span of 180 days, including e-books, movies, and songs.

Somehow, thanks to a cyclone of misinformation cultivated by Fox News, celebrity gossip sites, and throngs of adoring teen fans, the internet has contorted the wording of the bill to say that it would effectively send Justin Bieber to jail. Bieber, of course, made his name by posting videos of himself singing popular songs to YouTube, and fans are (passionately, but wrongly) worried that the videos of Bieber covering, say, Chris Brown, will be enough to throw lil Justin in the slammer.

Before we go on, can we all pause to look at baby Bieber singing Chris Brown's "With You"? Oh, fer cute.

Anyway, back to the story. As teen idol fans are wont to do, there's been an uprising of Biebermaniacs leaping to the defense of their perfectly coiffed leader, and already a site called FreeBieber.org is asking fans to sign a petition to help poor Biebs get out of this predicament.

Word finally spread to Justin Bieber himself this week during an interview with a Top 40 station in Washington, D.C. When the radio host described Klobuchar's proposed bill to Bieber and told him (inaccurately) that it would send him to jail, the wunderkind first responds that "he should be locked up," then upon learning that Amy is, in fact, a lady, changes his stance to "she needs to know that I'm saying that she should be locked up, put away in cuffs."

Who's in prison NOW, huh?

Klobuchar's camp has already responded with a perfectly reasonable explanation: "Justin Bieber must have been misled about the content of this bill," Klobuchar spokeswoman Brigit Helgen said in a statement. "It's not about people posting their personal work on the web... The bill only covers the intentional commercial theft of things like books, commercial music, and movies, including foreign piracy."

Something tells us that statement won't be enough to sway Beiber's rabid fans, however. FREE BIEBER!

Listen to an audio clip of Bieber talking about Klobuchar here:

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