Junior Senior: D-d-Don't Don't Stop the Beat

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Junior Senior
D-d-Don't Don't Stop the Beat
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Because they're Danes, not dames, it's doubtful Junior Senior have ever shared a cocktail with the Rat Pack. Yet singer/guitarist Junior is still Dean Martin (the straight man and organ grinder) to singer/MC Senior's Jerry Lewis (the husky, visor-wearing monkey and a true ham's ham--not a fat joke!) and together, they're funfunfun 'til daddy takes the T-Bird away. Encompassing the best tendencies of Martin and Lewis--a lack of respect for their material and an insider's humor that outsiders can get--the duo's Odd Couple sexual dynamic ("Give me girls girls girls girls," Junior sings in "Chicks and Dicks"; "Give me boys boys boys boys!" Senior answers) and Copenhagen charisma spell B-U-D-D-Y M-O-V-I-E! So starring in a remake of the Martin and Lewis western Pardners is a must for their next career move. Probable title: Pink River. Is John Waters available?

John's probably busy thinning that 'stache, so let's just say that D-d-Don't Don't Stop the Beat should be the soundtrack for the best movie Waters never made. (Did he make a good one? I forget.) It's unabashedly poppy and light and fun and breezy and manmade--which, in this hyper-masculine nation of ours, means it's camp, no matter how earnest its intent. Sincerity, of course, is impossible to judge, especially when your debut album is Pure Pop--a hodgepodge of melodic styles, with drum loops, keyboards, backing vocals, and the occasional rap, all pieced together through a traditional guitar-bass-drums lineup. It's ABBA playing early Beatles, MC'ed by Louis Jordan, while Grandmaster Flash makes sure the audience gets the message. Jiggawuh?

Deeply understanding the importance of fan interaction, Junior Senior react accordingly when crowds cry, "Please us!" Only the Nordic twosome's English ain't so hot, so they misunderstand the screams as Please Please Me: When Junior starts in on "Just Shake It Brother," the song is Merseybeat at its most fab. (There's a little Jan and Dean in there, too, with the whimsical strings--though the fuzzed-out psychedelic finale sounds like Jan's near-fatal car crash.) Once the audience is churning, Junior lets out a whoop, cooing, "Everybody, move your feet and feel united!" and JRSR's unbelievably cheery dance-pop single, "Move Your Feet," kicks in. No more wallflowers at this soiree.

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