June 17, 2009: Chickenfoot & KMFDM


Twin Cities News:

-- The rescheduled Pretenders date at the Orpheum will now be roughly priced between $30-60.

-- The TC Decider recaps Eyedea & Abilities at Intermedia Arts.

-- Atmosphere have announced a string of summer dates following a stint in Europe.

-- 3 Minute Egg features Maria Isa.

-- Culture Bully has photos of Isis at the Triple Rock.

-- Chickenfoot, the band made up of Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith & Joe Satriani, will be playing the Myth this coming August 10.

-- Used Wigs reviews Grecoats' latest release.

-- KMFDM have announced an October date at First Avenue.

-- Rift reviews Alicia Wiley's latest CD as well as the Twin Cities Two Step compilation.

-- Gimmes (yesterday's) Noise: Black Francis, Breeders shows announced, Northrop summer concert series kicks off this week & Mischke Mix: Tuesday, June 16.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Mobile Deathcamp, In Defence, Terrordactyls, Viral Mutation & Big Bang Fury @ Big V's

Mobile Deathcamp: (MySpace)

In Defence: (MySpace)

Terrordactyls: (MySpace)

Viral Mutation: (MySpace)

Big Bang Fury: (Official) (MySpace)

-- Banner Pilot & Local Natives @ 400 Bar

Banner Pilot: (MySpace)

Local Natives: (Official) (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Clock Hands Strangle "Distaccati" (mp3)


-- Deaf Judges "Deaf Sentence" (mp3)

-- Deaf Judges "Space Cadet Setlist" (mp3)


-- Deluka "Cascade" (mp3)


-- The Dimes "Clara" (mp3)

-- The Dimes "Watching the Wheels" (mp3)


-- Mos Def "Casa Bey" (mp3)


-- Mouthful of Bees "Thomas Aquinas" (mp3)


-- Reverie Sound Review "Arrows" (mp3)