June 1, 2009: Brad Senne & Of Montreal

June 1, 2009: Brad Senne & Of Montreal

Twin Cities News:
-- The TC Decider reviews Brad Senne's new album Aeriel Views. The Decider also has a review of Santigold at First Avenue and photos from Doves at the Varsity.
-- TC Daily Planet and  Culture Bully also have photos and a reviews of Doves' recent Varsity show. CB also has photos of Camera Obscura at the Cedar.
-- Mind Inversion has a recap of Santigold's First Avenue show.
-- Last week Of Montreal covered Prince's "Computer Blue" at the Sasquatch Festival.
-- Brit Rock at the Top has a couple video clips from Gogol Bordello at the Cabooze and TC Daily Planet has a review.
-- Eat Sleep Drink Music review Setting Fire to the Great Unknown by Greycoats.
-- The Star Tribune reviews Yeah Yeah Yeahs First Avenue show.
-- Gimme (this weekend's) Noise: Santigold glitters at First Avenue.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- John Vanderslice & the Tallest Man on Earth @ Turf Club
John Vanderslice: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
John Vanderslice "Fetal Horses" (mp3)
John Vanderslice "Too Much Time" (mp3)
The Tallest Man on Earth: (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Brianna Lane @ Lake Harriet Bandshell
(Official) (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Bonfire Madigan "Lady Saves" (mp3)
-- Children "Power Spirit" (mp3)
-- The Ginger Envelope "All Pinned Down" (mp3)
-- The Ginger Envelope "Invitation Air" (mp3)
-- Phoenix "Lisztomania (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)" (mp3)
-- Royal City "A Belly Was Made For Wine" (mp3)
-- Sonvolt "Down to the Wire" (mp3)
-- The Whipsaws "Dr. Please" (mp3)

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