July 8, 2009: Ice Palace & Mos Def

July 8, 2009: Ice Palace & Mos Def

Twin Cities News:
-- 612 to 651 has video footage of Duce Khan and Tsis K at Boom Bap Village 2009.
-- Cake in 15 has a photo and video recap of M.anifest and Haley Bonar at the Walker's Sculpture Garden on the 4th.
-- Ice Palace has released a new music video for "Thoughts/Facts."
-- The TC Daily Planet has a review of the Heavy at the Fine Line while Culture Bully has photos from the show. The Current also has audio from a studio performance by the band.
-- Mos Def and Jay Electronica will be performing at First Avenue in August.
-- Brother Ali and Guante are headlining A Street Festival Commemorating the 1934 Minneapolis Truckers Strikes‏.
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: Elvis Costello set list + photos & Mischke Mix: Tuesday, July 7.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- K'naan, Kay, Muja Messiah & M.anifest @ Fine Line
K'naan: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Muja Messiah: (Official) (MySpace)
M.anifest: (Official) (MySpace)
-- Cage & Yak Ballz @ Triple Rock
Cage: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Yak Ballz: (Wikipedia)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- The Almighty Defenders "Bow Down and Die" (mp3)
-- Bowerbirds "Beneath Your Tree" (mp3)
-- Butterflies "Mind Games" (mp3)
-- Cubic Zirconia "Fuck Work (Dances with White Girls remix)" (mp3)
-- Himalaya "Melt Away" (mp3)
-- Fashawn "The Outer City" (mp3)
-- Kordan "Fantasy Nation" (mp3)
-- Living Things "Oxygen" (mp3)
-- Slow Claw "Everybody" (mp3)

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