July 6, 2009: Atmosphere & the Roots

July 6, 2009: Atmosphere & the Roots

Twin Cities News:
-- Atmosphere has (digitally) dropped a new seven song EP (for free) entitled Leak At Will.
-- French producer ToToM presents Dylan Mashed: 17 tracks combining classic Bob Dylan songs with the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I'm From Barcelona and Pixies.
-- Mediation: Lovin' Judas Priest, hatin' Taste of Minnesota.
-- Northern Outpost features Empires.
-- Is the 400 Bar closing?
-- Culture Bully has photos from Private Dancer, Birthday Suits, the Blind Shake & Retainers at the Turf Club.
-- Empty's Tapes has audio of Jason Lytle's Triple Rock Show and mewithoutYou's Station 4 set.
-- The Star Tribune and TC Decider both recap last week's performance at First Avenue by the Roots. The Strib also reviews Soul Asylum at the MN Zoo and Elvis Costello at Taste of MN.
-- TC Daily Planet recaps Black Blondie's performance at the Uptown Pride festival.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Sunset Rubdown, Elfin Saddle & Witchies @ 7th St. Entry
Sunset Rubdown: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Elfin Saddle: (Official) (MySpace)
Witchies: (MySpace)
-- Gay Beast, Pterodactyl & Mayor Daley @ Turf Club
Gay Beast: (MySpace)
Pterodactyl: (MySpace)
Mayor Daley: (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Bon Iver "Blood Bank" (mp3)
-- Elephant Stone "I Am Blind" (mp3)

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