July 10, 2009: The Jayhawks & Rob Thomas


Twin Cities News:

-- The TC Decider interviews Mark Olson.

-- MinnPost: "The Jayhawks return with a historic compilation and concert."

-- Prince has landed on the cover of Spin's 25th anniversary cover.

-- Rob Thomas will be performing at the Xcel Energy Center in October.

-- Midwest Broadcast has a new Guante & Big Cats! remix.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Black Francis @ Triple Rock Social Club

Black Francis: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- Brutal Becomings, Lookbook & Aaron and the Sea @ 501 Club

Brutal Becomings: (MySpace)

Lookbook: (MySpace)

Aaron and the Sea: (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Deluka "Cascade vs. Friendly Fires' 'Skeleton Boy'" (mp3)


-- Julie Doiron "When Brakes Get Wet" (mp3)


-- Matt Duke "Kingdom Underground (acoustic)" (mp3)


-- Shelly Short "Time Machine/Submarine" (mp3)


-- Superchunk "Detroit Has a Skyline (acoustic)" (mp3)