Julius The Mad Thinker brings Chicago house to 'Black'

Just like Detroiters with their techno, New Yorkers with hip-hop and, uh, Clevlanders with their rock, you can't tell folks from Chicago much about house music. Coming from where the music was birthed, there's an innate sense of knowledge (combined with a hint of superiority) that will inevitably make you feel like a student, while they are the teachers. Julius the Mad Thinker has that sort of birth rite authority when it comes to house music. The rub is, like all DJs from Chicago, he's usually right...

A 15 year veteran behind the decks, The Mad Thinker knows that he can bring the heat when it comes to any dance floor. But even when innocently asking about his recent foray into music production, it's clear that you don't understand the whole story.

"I've always been a producer," Julius asserts before going into a lengthy explanation.  I attended a panel at the Winter Music Conference in 1999, and someone asked Frankie Knuckles, "What is the biggest misperception of producing?"  Frankie answered, "A producer doesn't have to know how to play instruments. He is the person who knows how to make the project happen from start to finish".  I realized that I was a producer. I worked on House Music projects in '94 & '95, Hip Hop from '96 - '99, and then House music projects from 2000 to now. I co-founded the label "Aid to the SouLLess Music".  In addition to my original releases, there were 5 remixes that I produced in the last 2 years. Besides music, I've beena  promoter since 1990.  I've produced hundred's of events. Newest to my production credentials, are music videos. I am also looking to produce my first sitcom entitled 'Mike's Life" Feat. Michael Gutierrez (2010).  I'm writing it as we speak."

But just when you've think you've been schooled, The Mad Thinker gives props to Mr. Fingers, Lil Louis, Joe Claussell, Timmy Regisford, Oscar McMillan, Louie Vega and Frankie Knuckles, as well as a shout to MPLS promoter Nik "Gunz" who is bringing Julius to First Ave's Black event this Saturday. And  you're reminded that every master is someone's disciple. Even house DJs from Chicago.

JULIUS THE MAD THINKER @ Black in the VIP Room - Saturday, Jan. 31, $5.