Juliette Lewis tonight in the 7th Street Entry

Juliette Lewis tonight in the 7th Street Entry

Juliette Lewis and Photoshop team up to bring you this promo picture.

She might not have threatened Courtney Love with a knife, but she did suck on Robert DeNiro's thumb in Cape Fear, which, in our minds, is a far more harrowing and, somehow, punk badge of honor.

Juliette Lewis in her finest hour-- sharing the screen with Giovanni Ribisi in "The Other Sister."

First, here's the deal--for the time being, the only way into the Juliette Lewis performance tonight at the Entry is to shell out the $64.00 for one of the last remaining VIP standing-room slots for the Pretenders/Cat Power show happening next door. That $64.00? It not only buys you the privilege of standing in the front row to see Chrissie Hynde and Chan Marshall occupy the stage on timeshare--it gets you free (that's right, free) crossover to see Lewis play the Entry directly after the Pretenders show is done.

Yeah. Kinda like chasing filet mignon with a Shamrock Shake, ain't it?

Juliette Lewis might best be known for her roles in Natural Born Killers and The Other Sister. But when she's not pretending to be a serial killer and a mentally retarded girl in front of the camera, she's pretending to be a rock star on the 7th St. Entry stage.

A wee bit harsh? Perhaps. But as far as we're concerned, Lewis still has a mountain of karmic debt to work off for her role in The Other Sister, one of the most conceptually corrupt films this side of Birth of a Nation. So pardon the pun as we insist that, when it comes to critical attention for her musical hobby, Lewis will have to take her licks (nyuk nyuk).

But if we can part with our snark for just a moment, we'll fully acknowledge that, as much as we love to see actors flop as musicians (howdy, Mr. Crowe, good evening Mr. Willis), Lewis's work actually has some grist. It's a little bit outmoded grist, and borrows pretty heavily from the works of PJ Harvey, but it's got just enough Sonic Youth and Jesus Lizard thrown in there to give it some thinkability.

There--happy? Sincere praise. Now, if you'll allow us to put our armor back on, we'll just part with seven most disheartening syllables utterable--she's a scientologist.

All ages. 10:00 P.M. Free crossover from the Pretenders. 7th Street Entry, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.

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