Jubilant manscaping, fruit-spawned bliss, and Minneapolis funk in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Sender's Dream: Orange you glad we showed you their video?

Sender's Dream: Orange you glad we showed you their video? YouTube

New year, same ol’ Local Frames.

The column took a couple Tuesdays off for Christmas and New Year’s, but we’re back in full force for 2019. Don’t you worry. The goal for this year is the same as every one previous: feature week after week of video goodness from all over the great state of Minnesota.

Please continue emailing your videos to the address at the footer of the column (please do not DM me on Twitter on Instagram), and we’ll get your work into consideration for Local Frames. In 2019, I’ll be endeavoring to share new faces here, so if you’ve never submitted before, this is the year to do it.

St. Paul Peterson – “You Got 2 Love”

St. Paul Peterson, who played with Prince and the Time, is here to prove that the Minneapolis Sound is still going strong with his new single, “You Got 2 Love.” The song seeks to unmoor people from their political and ideological hang-ups in hopes that love will be enough to unite this divided nation. It’s exactly the type of message Prince would’ve endorsed, and to have a musician so close to his legacy spreading it makes this all the more meaningful. A bevy of celebs, including Tom Arnold, Sinbad, and Fred Armisen, join Peterson in his plea for one love, one nation, one groove.

Neo Neos – “The Kinks Are Who’s Who”

If you’ve ever wanted an unobstructed look into the mind of a musically gifted freak, please enjoy the latest video from Neo Neos, “The Kinks Are Who’s Who.” Filmed in what appears to be a parent’s basement, the video pairs Neo Neos’ erratic, inscrutable music with a series of characters (all played by Neo Neos’ sole member Connie Voltaire) wailing on their instruments in fits of madness. Somewhere in this cacophony, there is genius. “The Kinks Are Who’s Who” is from Neo Neos’ Kill Someone You Hate, out now on Neck Chop Records.

Sender’s Dream – “Orange Afternoon”

Buddies Dan Hylton and Pat Gibbons of Sender’s Dream were having a pleasant day when they recorded their folksy charmer “Orange Afternoon.” The video follows September’s “The Go Ahead” in animating the pair’s happy-go-lucky meanderings in song. What brought the two to such easy-going bliss? Well, it was a regular old orange. Take that as a signal that, this year, even the simple things can take you to a new plane of happiness. Waqar Afzal does the animations for the video.

Wayo – “Drip”

Rapper Wayo is here to remind you that he’s got more than just one good year in him. On his new song “Drip,” produced by longtime partner Eirwolf, the Nigerian-born rapper co-opts Migos swag outside First Ave. Video director iDonKenneth makes Wayo look like a real threat, framing him up like the hip-hop superhero he aspires to be. Will 2019 be another knockout year for Wayo? “Drip” argues yes.

Monkey Warhol – “Mangroomer”

At a time when advertisers are going to stranger, more absurd lengths to capture the attention of an ever-more-apathetic audience, corporations thank the stars that folks like Todd Millenacker exist. You may have read that Millenacker—who records goofy, irreverent tunes as Monkey Warhol recently sold a jingle to Little Caesars , but the ad savant’s greatest turn is his recent video ad for Mangroomer, an electric razor that de-hairs dudes’ backs. If Millenacker’s campy infomercial doesn’t convince you to invest in a Mangroomer, maybe the sight of his freshly bald back will.

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