Josh Watch: 'Slevin' minutes in heaven!

class=img_thumbleft>Attention, Joshketeers! Josh Hartnett, Minneapolis's premiere (sole?) heartthrob, spent springtime in romantic Sofia, Bulgaria shooting Brian DePalma's long-awaited film

The Black Dahlia

. Supposedly, Hartnett hooked up with costar Scarlett Johansson ("ScarJo") in the process, effectively driving Jared Leto into the

frail arms of an Olsen

. Hartnett plays a cop investigating the murder of Elizabeth Short in gritty '40s Hollywood; Dahlia author James Ellroy is said to be unhappy with the casting choice, stating that Hartnett is "too pretty to live," let alone play a hardboiled ex-prizefighter. We agree with Ellroy, don't we ladies? The film will be released in 2006; those starved for hot Hartnett action will have to be content with the horribly titled

Lucky Number Slevin

, due out later this year.

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