Johnny "Rockin'" Wroll's Reviews Corner

For many years one Johnny "Rockin'" Wroll has solicited City Pages to publish his record reviews, band profiles, and first-person "essays." He has not, until now, been able to find a patron at our paper. According to our records, City Pages has issued to Mr. Wroll 159 gentle rejection letters, facsimiles, and e-mails in the past ten months alone. "While we appreciate your passion and generally correct spelling," went one such missive, "we feel that your inept prose style, intellectual dwarfism, and refusal to actually listen to the records you claim to review prevents us from working with you at this time."

Mostly to save us the trouble of composing more no-thank-you notes, we have agreed to occasionally publish Wroll's work in this forum. He is not being compensated for his efforts and cannot be trusted. Here's his review of Ben Lee's latest album.

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