Johnny "Rockin'" Wroll's Reviews Corner, #2

Grandees of Horticulture


(Sookie Sookie Records)


Expectorating shards of pneumatic kraut-skronk (don?t mess with my Teut-Tuet, coach), Grandees of Horticulture set about reshaping Akron indie by teaching Hegel the Continental and slathering phat-ass basslines in Thousand Island dressing. In the process, they mix angular bass, angular guitar, angular drums, angular lyrics, angular vocals, and occasional angular tuba into a straw heap redolent of Gang of Four?s lean, rigid angularity. ?Go ?head and break my heart, child,? sings mop-topped singer Archibald Huntington III with Jagger-esque esprit, ?But couldya break this twenty first?? He?s asking for change in more ways than one. ?Johnny ?Rockin?? Wroll

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