Joe Buck Yourself, Antiseen play Triple Rock tonight

Are you angry? Sooooooooo ANNNNNNGRY?

Are you an angry white man, perhaps an angry white man who still sports that mohawk that made yer ma so angry way back in the day and a handful of cheap tattoos on your scrawny li'l arms and patches!!! so many patches!!! all over your denim jacket, the sleeves of which have been SO ANGRILY TORN OFF!!! and do you like to go to punk rock shows and thrash about like the angry man you are, thrash about and bump into other angry-faced men, spill your PBR all over the angry goddamned place and dance dance dance punch dance fall down get up thrash bang ouch?!?

Well, have I got a show for you.

Tonight at the Triple Rock (8:00, $12, 21+), psychohellwhateverbilly Hank III bassist Joe Buck opens for punk rock di-no-saw-ruhs and GG Allin/Hank III collaborators Antiseen, a band about which I know so little as I done left my punk sensibilities in the eighth grade, goldarnit. In addition to the fact that both have collaborated with Hank III and are more punk than I, both Buck and Antiseen are foul. And redneck. And Suh-thern. And I'd parlay that if there are men in sleeveless patched jackets at the show, there'll be men in mohawks. And that if there are men in mohawks, there'll be men thrashing about angrily. And that if there are men thrashing about angrily, PBR will be spilled. And that if PBR is spilled, good times will be had by whole room full'a angry white men.

Locals the Hostages and 10w40 open. Arrive early, because 10w40 plays some fine southern-infused rock and vocalist Jim Edlund makes an even finer catfish gumbo. If you're not too busy thrashin' around, he might lend you his recipe or even whisper his secret as to where's the best place in the river to catch those fish.