Job opening: The Current is hiring a hip-hop radio DJ

The closest approximation we could find of the MPR studios.

The closest approximation we could find of the MPR studios. Alan Levine; Flickr

I said a hip-hop / Hippie to the hippie / The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop.  

What does that immortal line mean? Unclear! But if you know, you might be the perfect candidate for a new Twin Cities job opening: 89.3 the Current is hiring a part-time radio DJ with a hip-hop emphasis. 

"The Host will do air-shifts on The Current, including live and recorded shifts and host The Current's hip hop program," reads the online job listing for the part-time gig

Does that mean joining H2, the Current's, er, current hip-hop show that's captained by Rhymesayers buddies Kevin Beacham and Siddiq?

The eventual hire might host a show similar to H2, Minnesota Public Radio PR rep Jen Keavy tells City Pages, or possibly something different, depending on their skills. On-air and digital proficiency will be key, she says.  

(UPDATE: Apparently H2's final episode went down last month, hence the sudden need for a hip-hop radio DJ.)

Other requirements include "knowledge and passion" of the music played on the Current (this means you, Dawes-heads!), expertise in the fields of hip-hop, rap, R&B, and soul, plus an "engaging on-air presence." Familiarity with programs Music Master and Dalet is a bonus.

There have been calls to diversify the Current's staff in the past, so that will likely be a consideration. We're guessing the ideal candidate should also demonstrate Gary Eichten-level swag during pledge drives, if that were only possible. 

If you've got the interest and the 2-5 hours per week available, apply here

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