Jimmy2Times interviews Mike the 2600 King


A!A!A! Your boy is back at it. For the second installment of this lovely blog bidness, I had a lil chat with totally awesome TC designer and DJ Mike Davis AKA Mike the 2600 King. We talked about the stuff that made '08 a big deal and will make '09 an even bigger deal for Burlesque of North America, the design house of which Mike is co-founder. AND he was also nice enough to send over his awesome "Live at Home" mix for your listening pleasure! JEAH!

Mike Davis: Kang of the 2600

Jimmy2Times: 2008 was a big year for you dudes at Burlesque, wanna run down some of your personal highlights?

Mike Davis: 2008 definitely kept us busy. The biggest project we worked on was the screenprinting of most of Upper Playground's Obama art prints. We got to print posters from a lot of artists we look up to, like Ron English, Morning Breath ("Wave Twisters" artist Dug One's design studio), Cody Hudson, and David Choe. Printing Choe's Obama prints lead us to publish and print an 18 color art print of his. It was a monster. Design-wise, some of my favorite projects of the year were the Do it To it record jacket and poster, vinyl label artwork for DJ Ayres' and Tittsworth's T&A Records, Heiruspecs' album release poster, and the Get Cryphy posters.

J2: 2009 looks even bigger, What's some of the stuff you at liberty to talk about right now?

MD: Right now I'm working on designing some signs for the X-Games, wrapping up all of the design elements and merchandise for Dre Day 2009, and starting to think about SXSW. Beyond that, we have some great local artists lined up to exhibit their work in our First Amendment gallery over the next few months, and Burlesque is going to have our first solo art show in a long time later this fall -- at the gorgeous art gallery of Illinois Wesleyan University.

J2: Burlesque recently started a music division and accompanying podcast, Brlsqotheque. Talk about that why you decided to start it, and what you're trying to accomplish in that fancy endeavor!

MD: Music has always been a huge part of what we do. I'd say about 75% of the design and print work we do is for the music industry -- whether it's album packaging, concert posters, shirt designs for record labels, etc. The record label / music division happened when we casually decided to release a 12" EP to help promote our party at SXSW last year. We asked all of the DJs who were spinning at our party to submit remixes, then we pressed that up on vinyl, designed and screenprinted the jacket, and our first release, Do it To it Vol. 1, was born. Since then, we've started a podcast which features hip hop and dance music mixes from local and national DJs, released a 3CD compilation of The Melvins' greatest live Minneapolis performances, and are on the brink of releasing "Do it To it Vol. 2" which should be a pretty serious bangathon!


Check out Mike's "Live at Home" mix! Clickity Clack!

DOWNLOAD via Divshare

AND, don't miss him at the Get Cryphy one year anniversary party this Friday Feb. 6th!

You heard it here first kids! Holler at me next Wednesday as I expose your brains to the REALNESS. More info coming soon!