Jimmy2Times bids the Twin Cities adieu

DJs Jimmy2Times and Plain Ole Bill have made a name for themselves over the past two years by pulling diverse crowds of partiers into First Avenue's Record Room for their monthly Get Cryphy dance night. Just this past February, the duo celebrated their two-year anniversary of Get Cryphy, and the party sold out so quickly that a line of waiting revelers stretched around the corner of the club for most of the night.

And now, satisfied with the success his dance nights in the Twin Cities, Jimmy2Times is packing up his gear and moving across the country to give it a go in the Big Apple. Jimmy2Times, a.k.a. Dan Marcoulis, will head to New York later this summer -- but not without throwing one last huge party, of course.

We caught up with Jimmy2Times to get the scoop on why he's leaving town, what he plans to do in NYC, and what the future holds for Get Cryphy.

Let's get the big question out of the way first: Why are you leaving us?

To put it simply I just need a total change at this point in my life. I love the Twin Cities but I'd like to see what I can accomplish in a bigger market and I love a challenge. In addition my long time girlfriend lives there, and the majority of my extended family is upstate, so it's a good fit.

What will happen to Cryphy in your absence?

Get Cryphy will continue on as a monthly event, and you may even see it popping up around town in other formats and venues in addition to our home at First Ave's Record Room. Going forward, the Cryphy crew of Plain Ole Bill (Cryphy's co-founder), DJ Fundo, and DJ Last Word will be holding it down and continuing to feature both local and national guests. I'll be returning every couple months to get down as well.

We know you're originally from upstate NY. How do you feel about returning to your home state after 10 years away?

Well I've actually only been in MN for about 7 years. Returning to the east coast is REALLY exciting. I've been going to NYC regularly (once a month or so) for the past couple of years and there's just nothing else like it. In addition, the DJ contacts I've made through Get Cryphy and SXSW are really encouraging and I'm stoked on the prospect of being able to DJ in cities like Philly, DC, and Baltimore all within driving distance. The creative influence is something that really stands out to me as well and I can't wait to see how that affects my own sound in terms of DJing and production.

Where will you be DJing out there?

Right now I have gigs lined up in Brooklyn and Philly for August and September, starting with an awesome monthly party called Strictly Hits on August 21 with DJ Ayres (of the Rub). No residencies at this point, but I'm continuing to line up gigs and am really stoked to throw down with my east coast DJ homies.  

Who's your favorite New York DJ and why?

I don't have one answer, but I'm a big fan of Cosmo Baker of the Rub Crew. I've seen him rock it in so many formats(including in his element at The Rub in NY), and every time he's just been so on point. He can scratch and rock doubles but never overdoes it, his track selection is d*mn near impeccable and I've never seen him f*ck up a mix. Roc Raida is also up there as he was one of my primary influences growing up (I literally waited in line to get an X-ecutioners poster signed by him at a rave in the '90s).

What was one of your best memories of living in the Twin Cities?

So many great ones, but most recently I'd say walking out of the Get Cryphy 2-year anniversary party early in the night to see the line that had formed was kind of amazing since it stretched almost around the block. The crew and I have always just done what we liked since the inception of the event, and it was so validating that so many people wanted to get down with what our idea of club party should be. It was a real testament to what we've built as a crew and continues to stand out in my mind. It was a great feeling.

Any parting words?

Captain Chunk says let's get the h*ll outta here!

Oh yeah, and come to my going away party on July 24 at the 7th St. Entry!

Show info:
Get Cryphy presents: Jimmy2times' going away jam!
7/24/10 at 7th st. Entry 10pm to 2am

Performance by PROF
With cryphy DJs Jimmy2times, Plain Ole Bill, DJ Fundo, and Last Word
Also Featuring Special guest appearances.
18+, $5 advance, $6 at the door

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