Jill Stein is not a viable jukebox candidate, either

Cover art for the landmark 1997 Somebody's Sister LP "Green Sky"

Cover art for the landmark 1997 Somebody's Sister LP "Green Sky"

This nutty election cycle has gifted us forgotten recordings from blaring folkie Bernie Sanders and Leonard Cohenian trance-pop queen Tiffany Trump. And now we've got the funk-folk stylings of Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein.  

Broad awareness of Stein's '90s band, Somebody's Sister, came courtesy of John Oliver's This Week Tonight. Sunday's episode highlighted the vast shortcomings of this year's leading third-party candidates -- Stein and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson. 

Johnson's bizarre-o cluelessness stood out, as did Stein's lack of understanding about her cornerstone issue (student debt) and dangerous refusal to embrace vaccines. Important stuff, to be sure, but Oliver & Co. brought some levity by rolling clips of vintage Somebody's Sister cuts.

Here's a taste: 

A choice lyrical sampling, in case you missed it: "She wonders what will happen to the babies / When all the mother's milk has gone bad / From the poison pouring from the smokestacks / Risin' up like silent thunder from the ash." 

The trickiest part of protest music is subtlety, something that evades "Dirty Little Secrets" like near scientific consensus seems to evade Stein. Plus, as Oliver gleefully points out, "Silent thunder is nothing -- you're describing silence! And I frankly cannot have a president who's going to play her own inauguration with a band that sounds like the Indigo Girls fronting the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Stein clapped back at the This Week Tonight epi, which you can -- and should! -- watch below. Come November, Stein -- who's currently polling at just over 2 percent -- will have plenty of time to add to the Somebody's Sister discography, which features three albums released between 1996 and 1999. 

And to be clear: Almost nobody is happy with the current crop of presidential candidates, a situation that should render third-party candidates temping ... if only we had a capable one. As it stands, though, the most astute 2016 election take comes via Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi

"The best argument for a [Democratic nominee Hillary] Clinton presidency is that she's virtually guaranteed to be a capable steward of the status quo, at a time of relative stability and safety. There are criticisms to make of Hillary Clinton, but the grid isn't going to collapse while she's in office, something no one can say with even mild confidence about [Republican nominee] Donald Trump." 

In other words, bring on Bill Clinton's sax come Inauguration Day.