Jihadi pop: offensive to the ears

Jihadi pop: offensive to the ears

Sami Yusuf this shit is not.

Ostensibly intended as a recruitment tool, these misguided attempts at accessible propaganda are so uniformly awful, unlistenable, and terrifying that you can't help but laugh, or be left in shivers. Sporting eerie appropriations of gangster rap tropes (gunshots-as-ambience, violent braggadocio), footage of marches and infamous mujahadeen, and a truly bush-league Auto-tune, I'm left with the image of the sad sacks sitting solitary, whispering lyrics into a janky Packard Bell, tweaking levels, uploading to Youtube. Gauche.

The originator of one, Abu Mansoor al-Ameriki, has a fascinating and cliché-ridden history, from gifted class president of his Alabama high school (literally) to Somali insurgent. His contribution is below, and you can read his story here.

Next is Asadullah Alshishani with his very affectionate tribute to Osama bin Laden. A representative lyric:

Amir of the Ansaar / How beautiful you are / Your sword gleams in the sun / Like a shining star

You can hear the track (or what you can stand of it) here.

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