Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer honor Prince with orchestral "Purple Rain" cover

The second of Birschoff and Palmer's stringy tributes goes to the late, great Purple One.

The second of Birschoff and Palmer's stringy tributes goes to the late, great Purple One.

There's seemingly no end to the outpouring of love for Prince from the music community. It seems like every musician who's touched a stage in the last month and a half has been touched by The Purple One in some way, and now composer Jherek Bischoff and former Dresden Dolls frontwoman Amanda Palmer have added their orchestral rendition of "Purple Rain" to the pile.

While Prince's signature track seems like a cheap option for a cover, Bischoff and Palmer's take has so much attention to detail that the care is evident. The 10-minute buildout starts with the convocation that ends "Let's Go Crazy" before transitioning into the bombastic cavalcade that is "Purple Rain." The flamboyant processional debuted yesterday via Pitchfork.

Bischoff and Palmer — who've recorded together as Grand Theft Orchestra — previously paid homage to David Bowie with their EP Strung Out in Heaven, so the death of another of the pair's idols was an intuitive continuation of their project.

"We didn't expect to spend our winter and spring on these projects," Palmer said in a press release, "but there is something unsettlingly beautiful about paying homage to Bowie and then, just a few months later, Prince...We all know that we won't stick around forever, and art and music — mine, Jherek's, Prince's, Bowie's — is the glue that keeps us all connected beyond the terror of our own mortality."

"We went back and forth about whether we should make something," Bischoff said in the same release. "But losing Prince was just too much...It just gave me an even deeper love of one of the greatest musicians ever to walk this earth."

The track itself is available via Palmer's Bandcamp for $1, with all proceeds benefitting the Elevate Hope Foundation — a charity that helps abandoned and abused children cope by using music and art as therapy and one that Prince himself backed during his lifetime.

You can listen to all 10 minutes of the track below.