Jeune for the Jeune: a Deal on "Deception"

I'm not in the habit of recommending shows that I haven't seen. But a couple of people I respect have told me that Theatre de la Jeune Lune's production of "The Deception" is something I must check out. So I'm going to see one of the last performances of this production, which runs until Nov. 25, and I'm passing along a few tidbits about it to you as well.


Besides the glowing word-of-mouth reviews, two other factors compel me to pass on this third-party pseudo-recommendation: first, including tonight's show, there are a mere seven performances left, so it's a time-sensitive issue; plus, there is a pretty incredible ticket deal for the under-25 set that I think is worth talking about.

City Pages' theater critic, Quinton Skinner, first tipped me off to the show. He says it's visually stunning, an assertion this video trailer supports:

There are photos on the Jeune Lune site that also give you an idea of what the set looks like. From Quinton's review, you can learn more about this darkly humorous tale of deceit and love.

What about this ticket deal, then? Jeune Leune offers "Anytime Rush" tickets for people under-25 that are just $9 with ID. Here's how they explain it:

In an aggressive policy shift to help develop a next wave of theatre lovers, Jeune Lune has instituted “Under-25” prices of $9 for all shows this season. Under this new program, anyone under the age of 25 — student or not — can buy tickets in advance or at the door for about the price of a movie. The hope is that this kind of pricing will encourage younger audiences to more often include theater-going in their ever-expanding entertainment menu.

If you're less than a quarter century, that's enticing. I'm not, but I certainly support efforts like this to get more people out to enjoy shows. I plan to head out and enjoy this myself next week, and maybe I'll see a host of folks -- over 25 and under -- there as well.

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