Jesus is the New Pink

In: Our Savior  Out: Pat O'Brien

Jesus is having a much better month in the world of pop-culture than Hollywood insider Pat O'Brien. This week, Jesus graces the cover of Newsweek magazine. Last week, NBC's Brian Williams looked at the Hollywood trend of embracing religious themes in films and television shows. In that story, the writer/producer of That '70s Show said he was hoping to use the new opportunity to tell more positive, Christian-based stories. Now NBC is starting the advertising blitz for the six-episode miniseries, Revelations (beginning April 13), which is based on the highly controversial Left Behind novels. (The Rising, from the Left Behind series, is this week's number one book). That's not the only proof that Jesus is rising: When 50 Cent mumbles "temperature rising, let's get to the next level" on  "Candy Shop," he's totally talking about surviving the Rapture and ascending into heaven. Right? 


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