Jesse Larson wins another round on ‘The Voice’ for the glory and honor of Minnesota

Jesse Larson, winning again

Jesse Larson, winning again YouTube

Minnesota singer/guitarist Jesse Larson made it through another Knockout Round on The Voice last night, moving him into the Battle Rounds. That sounds serious.

Last night, Larson tackled “The Letter,” a song first recorded by a pre-Big Star Alex Chilton back when he was a little baby 16-year-old in the Box-Tops. Larson, as you might expect, took his cue from Joe Cocker’s 1970 reinterpretation of the song, though with fewer scenery-gnawing theatrics.

Larson’s defeated opponent Davina Leone sang a slowed down version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” She will now return to her hometown, which I’m sure is a perfectly nice place despite the fact that it is not in Minnesota.

But you know who is in Minnesota? Larson’s wife, to whom he dedicated his performance, crediting its emotional power to his sadness about their temporary separation.

Larson, as we’ve told you time and again, is a local musician once hired by Prince to back singer (and former Voice contestant) Judith Hill.

What did Adam Levine have to say about Jesse's performance? He told the singer/guitarist he isn’t moving around the stage as much as he should. Fair enough, Adam Levine. Fair enough.

Do you think Adam practices his “intense listening reactions” in front of a mirror at home, or is it a natural gift?

That photo makes it look like Levine is about to promise Larson pop stardom in exchange for … his eternal soul.

We'll have more to say about Jesse Larson the next time he's on TV.