Jesse Larson tears into Chris Stapleton's 'I Was Wrong' for 'The Voice' semifinals

Jesse Larson: He was right to sing 'I Was Wrong.'

Jesse Larson: He was right to sing 'I Was Wrong.' YouTube

Well, look who's playing guitar again.

Minneapolis musician Jesse Larson, who's risen easily into the top eight on The Voice, has performed without his ax for the past few weeks. But last night he strapped the guitar back on again to accompany himself on a version of the traditionalist country star Chris Stapleton's "I Was Wrong."

Last week, you may recall, Larson honored his hometown -- and flaunted some spiffy dance moves -- when he performed the Time's “Jungle Love.”

By now, Larson's back story is familiar to us all: Prince once hired him to back singer (and former Voice contestant) Judith Hill, and when he's not outsinging other contestants on TV, he's gigging around town in his group, #MPLS.