Jesse Larson climbs into 'The Voice' finals, Minnesota sighs with relief

Jesse Larson singing "Tennessee Whiskey."

Jesse Larson singing "Tennessee Whiskey." YouTube

There are two things you need to know about singer/guitarist Jesse Larson, if you don't already.

1. He is from Minnesota.

2. He is in The Voice finals.

But Larson had to work last night to earn his berth in the finale. He didn't make the first cut, and to save himself from elimination, he had to belt "Tennessee Whiskey," his second Chris Stapleton-identified song in two nights. On Monday, he'd performed the soulful country star's “I Was Wrong.”

A five-minute flurry of ferocious fan tweeting was enough to secure Larson's spot in the final four.

Over the years, plenty of contestants on The Voice have come from Minnesota, including Judith Hill, the Prince protégé that Larson was once hired to play guitar for by the superstar himself. But Larson, who gigs around town in the funk group #MPLS, is only the second to make it to the show's finale, after Nicholas David in 2012.