Jeremy Messersmith takes his album back to the graveyard

Quiet and unassuming, you wouldn't expect such morbidity to come out of the enigmatic Jeremy Messersmith. Messersmith will be bringing the brilliant storytelling on his The Reluctant Graveyard back to the actual graveyard, the Pioneers and  --Soldiers Cemetery -- that inspired the album this week.

Every song off Messersmith's Graveyard touches on death in one way or another, some more subtle than others. He will be performing the album in full on Saturday, October 8 at 1 p.m., so no worries about being stuck in a graveyard after dark.

The show will benefit Friends of the Cemetery in its efforts to restore the historic steel and limestone pillar fence that serves as the border of the cemetery along Lake Street and Cedar Avenue. Opening will be Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles (AA, $10, Kids 12 and under are free). Click here to purchase limited tickets. 

Most likely an event as unique as this comes along once in a lifetime -- no pun intended.

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