Jeremy Messersmith plays "Bubblin'" on Letterman

Jeremy Messersmith in the middle of getting the Letterman bump
Jeremy Messersmith in the middle of getting the Letterman bump

Wearing a "The Pirate Bay" T-shirt under a black jacket, Jeremy Messersmith played to his biggest audience yet on Wednesday's Late Show With David Letterman.

The Minneapolis musician chose his "biggest, strangest" song "Bubblin'" from his latest album, Heart Murmurs, for the appearance. His touring band and a string quartet intermingled sumptuously on the arrangement reminiscent of Aimee Mann's collaborations with producer Jon Brion. If there were any nerves present for this career-changing moment -- even bigger than a signature doughnut -- they didn't show up on camera.

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Messersmith's recent signing to Glassnote Records certainly played a huge role in getting to this point, but this is also a gifted musician and band locked into their roles and giving their all. You'd think it might be a good reason to explore the options of a live album. Regardless, they picked the right song for this setting, and crushed it. Now go download it on the deep web?

Here's the clip:

The Current/MPR photographer Nate Ryan traveled to New York to document the experience and put several shots on his Instagram.

Messersmith himself also got in on the fun with a selfie from the stage:

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