Jeremy Messersmith Decides to "Ditch Christmas"

The Twin Cities' own songwriting chestnut Jeremy Messersmith is back with a couple catchy lumps of coal for the holiday season.

Ever the mischievous contrarian, Messersmith packages some bah humbug in irresistible crooner-era schmaltz. The two songs, a semi-morbid reworking of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and an original called "Let's Ditch Christmas," both slide in like classic Christmas tunes, but then they twist the carving knife.

[jump] Here's Messersmith's note about the new songs, which will likely figure into his December shows at Turf Club and First Avenue:

I'm a grinch.

For whatever reason, presents, candy canes, Santa, caroling (ESPECIALLY caroling), and little tater tots with their eyes all aglow don't do much for me. So, I did what you'd expect and wrote a Christmas song. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I hate most holiday music, but the stuff I do love comes almost exclusively from the crooner era of the '50s and 60's: Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and so on. The lyrics are pure schmaltz, the arrangements are sugary, but throw in a playful bourbon-soaked vocal with a dash of sleigh bells and it just works.

With "Let's Ditch Christmas" I tried to combine grinchy-ness with a big band sound I love. I hope you like it.

Happy Holidays,


P.S. - If anyone at Fox News reads this: this is the War on Christmas' ground zero. It is my sincere hope that this song becomes a battle-hymn and next year we are all dancing around Festivus poles or celebrating Saturnalia or something.

You can stream both songs via Spotify or plop down $1.99 for the pair on iTunes.

After your eighth glass of punch, you'll hardly notice that his lyrics are ripping the ornaments off your tree and feeding them down the garbage disposal. 

Jeremy Messersmith. With Gramma's Boyfriend Wednesday, December 17, at Turf Club. Tickets. With the Cloak Ox Friday, December 19, at First Avenue. Tickets.


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