Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at Target Center, 8/1/2012

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at Target Center, 8/1/2012
Photo By Stacy Schwartz

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias with Frankie J
Target Center, Minneapolis
Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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A couple of Latin musicians whose personal lives are more interesting than their musical lives took over Target Center on Wednesday night. On their stop in Minneapolis, co-headliners Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez's tour made sense on paper, but in real life, the pairing did not click at all.

Not to say that each artist was not talented in their own right, but when big acts like this tour together, most often they share the stage at least once. Neither artist did so, nor did they even mention their tour-mate once.

Being the son of renowned performer Julio Iglesias must have been a lot to live up to, but Enrique has done a good job carving out his own career, and played all of his hits on Wednesday evening. Opening with "Tonight (I'm Loving You)," the singer played the "edgy" role by replacing the lyrics "loving you" with "fucking you," a cringe-worthy move that would have been clever, were it not for the many young girls in the crowd -- some around the age of ten years.

The singer played to the Latino-heavy crowd by including his Spanish hit, "No Me Digas Que No," and the Spanish-titled-but-sung-in-English, "Bailamos." The ironic thing about "Bailamos," is that despite translating to "Let's Dance," there was little dancing done by the Spanish crooner -- not sure if that was due to insecurity -- but there was a lot of stage strutting, just no dancing.

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at Target Center, 8/1/2012
Photo By Stacy Schwartz

Halfway through the set, Enrique invited an audience member, Josh, onstage to add a little Minnesota flavor to the show, leading Josh to bring his Rod-Stewart-t-shirt-wearing friend onstage and urging the band to sing an impromptu version of "If You Think I'm Sexy." The real reason for having a fan onstage was to introduce an acoustic version of Enrique's favorite childhood song, "Stand By Me," the pinnacle of his set.

Iglesias' idea of a costume change was to take off his black tshirt to reveal his white tshirt, then to a hoodie that disguised him as he made his way to the small backstage for "Hero." Pulling another audience member onstage, this time a girl, Enrique serenaded her and kissed her each time he sang, "I will kiss away your pain." It was most likely the highlight of the evening for the young girl, but was a little uncomfortable to watch him maul her while thousands of fans observed the scene.

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at Target Center, 8/1/2012
Photo By Stacy Schwartz

By this time, Enrique had run out of radio hits, thus reprising "Tonight (I'm Loving You)" as the last song in his set. The audience was getting antsy to see Jennifer Lopez, so the stage was prepped as soon as the lights turned on.

In between sets, audience members took it upon themselves to entertain the each other with two young men and a woman dancing and doing a strip tease to get attention and energy of the crowd up. A drink vendor even got into the groove, dancing as he was selling his wares, leading to him accidentally dump his stash of drinks all over the floor. This made for great entertainment as the elaborate setup was taking place to get ready for Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at Target Center, 8/1/2012
Photo By Stacy Schwartz

J. Lo was introduced onstage with cheesy soap opera themed music, and the fog machine was working overtime as dancers in tuxes and top hats set the stage for "the most beautiful girl of your dreams." As the curtain backdrop fell, Jennifer came up through a hole in the stagefloor to open with "Get Right." Her heels proved to be quite difficult to dance, and caused the singer to stumble. However, she graciously acknowledged to the crowd on her "unexpected trip," which was most likely captured by all of the cameras/phones that were whipped out as she took the stage.

It seemed as if no expense was spared for Lopez's set, which included elaborate dance numbers, pyrotechnics, and a rolling bed that was the setting for the remix version of "Waiting For Tonight." For the lesser known song "Goin' In," an extravagant boxing scene was played out for the audience with a boxing ring and J. Lo doing a quick costume change into sequined pants and bra-top. The singer always has been clear about growing up poor in the Bronx, bringing her to appropriately sing a medley of her earliest hits, "I'm Real/All I Have/Ain't It Funny/Jenny From the Block," in honor of her hometown.

Her rumored boyfriend/backup dancer Casper Smart played a role in a pre-recorded video for "Baby I Love You," as the two were dressed simply in black and surrounded by lights while miming out the words of the song. Each song had wonderfully choreographed dance numbers that showcased Lopez's skills and highlighted her sweaty glow -- which may be where she came up with the name for her famed perfume line. By this point in the show, the singer was most likely exhausted, though she showed no visible signs of fatigue, but the pace was slowed down anyway with a stripped down version of her first hit "If You Had My Love" and leading to "Until It Beats No More," a song dedicated to her twins.

Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at Target Center, 8/1/2012
Photo By Stacy Schwartz

Another costume change came along with "Let's Get Loud," a piece that had the audience excited and back on its feet. Her last number in the regular set, "On the Floor," had Jennifer donning a tuxedo and opening on the conga drums. The costume was flattering, but for her last number, the singer was not going to be covered up for long. From behind a cover of feathers, the singer did a quick strip onstage to reveal a feather covered bodysuit, preceding her backup dancers to going topless, making it seem like a scene out of Magic Mike.

The evening was stretching out to be quite long at this point, so an encore was not expected, but welcomed for her last piece, "Dance Again," launching with Lopez singing in Spanish and showing off her chops while sitting on a throne. The song was preceded by a video with graphics with sayings in the vein of "I still believe in love" and such, which makes one think of her undespairing quest for love in the bumps of her famed love life, and has been played out on shows like TMZ. Outside of this, the song was made to get the crowd moving, at which it was successful. To quote another Latina songstress, Gloria Estefan, one way or another, "the rhythm is gonna get you."

Critic's bias: Although I was surprised to know all of his songs, I was quickly bored with Enrique Iglesias' set, but Jennifer Lopez's -- while reminiscent of Lady Gaga and Britney Spears -- set was truly entertaining.

The crowd: Diehard J. Lo and Enrique fans alongside the KDWB crowd.

Overheard in the crowd: "What do you think J. Lo will shoot out of her confetti guns?" "Her twins."

Random notebook dump: Before Brangelina, there was Bennifer.

Enrique Iglesias Setlist

Tonight (I'm Loving You)
I Like How It Feels
Dirty Dancer
No Me Digas Que No
If You Think I'm Sexy
Stand By Me
Just Wanna Be With You
I Like It
Tonight (I'm Loving You) Reprise

Jennifer Lopez Setlist

Get Right
My Love Don't Cost a Thing
I'm Into You
Waiting For Tonight
Goin' In
I'm Real/All I Have/Ain't It Funny/Jenny From the Block
Baby I Love You
Hold It, Don't Drop It
If You Had My Love
Until It Beats No More
Let's Get Loud
On The Floor

Dance Again

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