Jennifer Lawrence and SNL remind us Minnesota radio still lacks hip hop

Jennifer Lawrence and SNL remind us Minnesota radio still lacks hip hop

Saturday Night Live still thinks the state of hip hop radio in the Twin Cities is laughable. Over the weekend, we returned to the fictional studios of B-108 in Shakopee, "Minnesota's home for blazing hip hop," for another early morning joke at our scene's expense. This time, guest The Hunger Games starlet Jennifer Lawrence plays Busty Rhymes, another dim-witted intern who replaces Lindsay Lohan's Illiterate Lisa.

In general, much of the schtick still focuses on the original skit's premise. Only at 5 a.m. would there be a hip hop show here ("Even Al Roker's still asleep"). And instead of a Kevin Beacham or Lisa Moy, we get fatuous jocks Richard the Investigator aka Rowdy Doody (Taran Killam) and the Buffalo aka Cedric the Carabiner aka Osama bin Luscious (Bobby Moynihan) on the mic.  

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This run-through doesn't quite have the same bite as the original, but it's telling that they announce an upcoming Flo Rida concert with excitement. There are plenty of high-profile hip-hop shows featuring national acts that roll through the Twin Cities -- from nearly every member of the Wu-Tang Clan to Outkast's Big Boi to Kendrick Lamar to Killer Mike to Public Enemy to the yearly slate of Soundset talent -- but these guys don't seem like they've ever set foot inside the Cabooze.

After newsreader Karen aka MC Jigga or "Jiggle" Butt (Vanessa Bayer) returns to announce that Shakopee has reported 800 cases of the flu, we're presented with one of many cringe-worthy lyrical performances by Jennifer Lawrence's Busty Rhymes. Let's put it this way, her character will not be the fourth vocalist in the Chalice any time soon. "It's the flu season, so you're gonna have issues / If you get the sniffles, get a big box of v-necks Kleenex."

Surely, we all have versions of the ideal hip hop station of the Twin Cities in our heads. Gimme Noise envisions something meshing the street sensibility of KMOJ's Tite @ Nite, the finesse of Rhymesayers Radio, and that mad expensive signal strength to broadcast it all the way down to Shakopee. The talent exists within our local ranks -- even if SNL isn't seeing it.

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