Jeff Hanson's autopsy results revealed


When St. Paul singer-songwriter Jeff Hanson passed away last month, his family cited his death as "an accident in his apartment." Now, almost eight weeks later, an autopsy has revealed that Hanson's death was caused by a drug overdose.

According to the Pioneer Press, St. Paul police Sgt. Paul Schnell is referring to Hanson's death as a "mixed-drug toxicity." The Ramsey County medical examiner's office has ruled the cause of Hanson's death as "undetermined," which indicates that there wasn't enough information to declare his death as intentional or accidental, but the police investigation is being closed at this time.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are no definite answers at the end of this sad turn of events. Hanson was only 31 years old when he passed away, and was in the midst of a successful recording career with Kill Rock Stars. You can read more about Hanson in the obituary we posted when he passed away, as well as in a column I wrote about Hanson last year when he released what would become his final album, Madam Owl.